Birth Services and Fees

It is first important that we meet, in order to get to know each other and answer any questions or concerns. There is no fee for this initial meeting. It is a good way to find out if we'll be a good match for each other!


After you have chosen to have me as your doula I will provide the following services:

--Unlimited assistance by email or telephone

--Attendance at (up to three) prenatal office visits with you during third trimester

--One Second Trimester visit to:
Address any questions or concerns you may have at that time
See how the pregnancy is progressing
Begin planning your personalized birth plan

--Two third trimester visits to:
Finalize your birth plan
Practice positions and comfort techniques to learn what will might be most helpful                             during labor and delivery
Discuss how we will work together as a team, involving as little or as many people
          as you would like
Create a "plan" on how, where, and when we will meet when it's time to go to the hospital
          or birth center

--24 hour on call for you during the two weeks before your due date (or until baby is born)

--Continual support during active labor and delivery

--Up to three hours of assistance immediately after birth, or less depending on your preferences

--Assistance with establishing breastfeeding if needed

--Post-partum meeting one to six weeks after birth to review birth and answer any questions or concerns

--Birth story and records from birth

--24 hour on call two weeks after birth for phone and email assistance and limited house call assistance if needed


I prefer not to put a price on my services, as I am generally willing to work with a family to ensure they get the support they need during their birth experience. I do have a sliding scale for fees, but am willing to negotiate and come up with an agreement that will fit any family and myself.

Please call or email me to discuss fees in detail.

Half of your agreed upon fees will be due when you hire me, and the other half will due two weeks before your due date.

Dockter's Choice Doula Services
Madison Dockter
Lawrence, Kansas